About the Author

Who is Amanda Irtz?

About Amanda Irtz

Amanda is a mom who is dedicated to sharing the beautiful moments of autism.  She resides in the foothills on Colorado where the sun sets in hues of pink and orange and blue.  Her mission in life is to create a more empathic approach to understanding, interacting and connecting with individuals on the autism spectrum.  

Building Community

Awareness about autism is growing every day. You can also create awareness and understanding by being the upstander in the grocery store when you see a child have a sensory meltdown by offering that parent a smile, your help, or even to buy them a refreshing bottle of kombucha.  Building awareness is less about reading and sharing via social media - and it is more about what we do every day.  

Join My Journey

Do you want to learn more about how to feel more grounded in the middle of a meltdown?   Do you know too well the struggles of a child on the autism spectrum who can't seem to fit into the molds of traditional society? Do you identify with the grief of parents who don't understand why their child screeches like a pterodactyl or bear-crawls through the hallways? Do you feel the frustration and sadness from parents who mourn the simplicity of going to birthday parties and out to dinner? Do you recognize this story?  Join me and we will explore and learn together